La Gallery Online

A work is not to be described, just contemplated.
Auguste RENOIR
Works shown online at present

The few works exhibited on this site are only a basic, very limited “shop-window” in view of the diversity of what I create (or have created). A shop cannot exhibit all its products in its window: choices have to be made! The same applies to a museum or an art gallery.

However, many works are still available, in various techniques and media. A true collector item, each creation is unique!

Using modern means of communication it will be easy for you to look at them in their dematerialised format (and, I hope, to admire them) : all is required is for you to send me a mail (see Contact page) in which you will specify what specifically interests you or if you would rather receive a general presentation or what I do.

Techniques of what I create (or have created)
  •  Cards – Cardboard creations
  •  Ceramics
  •  Free-hand Embroidery in 3D– Mixed media
  •  Intaglio prints - Etchings
  •  Ink
  •  Jewellery
  •  Oil
  •  Pastel
  •  Pencil
  •  Silk and other Materials
  •  Stained-glass / glass
  •  Watercolour

Please note that all works are not for sale. They are simply exhibited for your enjoyment, in particular to enable you to admire Nature’s Four Seasons as seen through the eyes of an artist, but also to discover real works of Art, in the noble sense of the word. Truly timeless creations, besides passing fashions and time, I hope future generations will also enjoy them, without requiring long and tortuous pseudo-philosophical explanations.


Should you wish to purchase a work(s) please contact us and we will provide you with full details in advance of any purchase, hence without any commitment on your part.


Please note that all images featured on this website are for you to look at and enjoy. This does not give you the right to copy them or to reproduce them. Works of art are protected by Intellectual Property Law and their copyright belong to the original Artist unless otherwise agreed through a signed statement

Please hover, or click, the mouse cursor over each work in order to enlarge it and for further information