What i do

True art is not about representing something beautiful but about beautifully representing something. It is not the subject on canvas which gives its value but the manner in which it is presented.
Luc FERRY, Philosopher (“L’Innovation destructrice”, Plon, 2014)

I have enjoyed drawing, painting and creating “something” ever since I can remember. I also like diversity and I will use any medium with equal ease and enjoyment. Hence visitors are always amazed to see the great variety of my work, be it in terms of techniques, styles or subject matters.

If a label had to be used I suppose it could be the recent one “Contemporary Classic Art”. But my art is not about “label” or even “labels”. It is simply about me, about what I enjoy creating, without the need to be “categorised”.

Over the years I have spent a lot of time drawing and painting nature whose beauty is too often unnoticed. Moreover, I always work outdoors, “en plein air”, even in difficult weather conditions. Hence I can spend many hours looking at my chosen subject, engraving each detail in my mind and subsequently developing a true and lasting closeness with it.

Among the many congratulations I received over the years, one recent and totally unexpected praise particularly touched me: it was during my last appointment with our GP in Bergerac, just before she retired. She said: “I have had other patients who were also talented artists, I have visited museums and galleries… but what makes your work different is that in it we also find your soul.”


French State Registration Number as a professional artist: SIRET 892 304 734 00015
Application in hand to join the official French National Organisation “Maison des Artistes”
Member of the Fine Art Society of Dordogne-Perigord (Société des Beaux-Arts du Périgord)
Member of the Embroiderers Guild (United Kingdom)
National Needlework Archives (United Kingdom)
Alumni, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art